5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Movie Manson Family Vacation

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In the month of October 2015, the mansion family vacation was released by the orchard. It has a long list of casts. Some famous personalities who worked in that film are Linas Phillips, Adam chernick, Jonathan brooks, Jay duplass, Leonora Pitts, Adam Chernick, Robin Bell, Davie-Blue, Suzanne Ford , Ray Laska, Brent Alan Henry, Matt Bennett, and Justin M. Rasch. Charles Manson’s murder case was the center in the mansion family vacation film.  If you loved that film, you should read this blog for sure. Here you will know the facts about the real story.  

An Unlikely Confidante

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In reality, Manson remains in contact with Mary Mary Neiswender. He wrote letters to her regularly and also spoke very often.  But Manson does not want that details to leak into the media and the general public. But Mary later released that information to the media. It revealed that Manson has childlike handwriting and people were surprised to know the reach of Manson even from behind the bars. 

Address Change Of Related Places

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People’s curiosity was overwhelming to take a look at the house where Tate and LaBianca murders took place. That leads to address change. After some years, the  Tate house is demolished but the LaBianca home is still in the same place. Address change leads to confusion in people looking for an address, so it becomes difficult for them to reach at. Another famous place in the movie “The Spahn Ranch” was burned down in a wildfire in 1970.

Social Media And Online Presence

People have a great interest in Manson’s life. It is also famous on Facebook. On these social media sites, there are over 90000 likes. Afton Elaine Burton who claimed to be Manson’s wife set up the page. Besides that, there are a couple of websites directly or indirectly related to Manson. You can understand the popularity of Manson among people. You should watch the Manson family vacation to know why people are having that much craze about Manson and its related places. 

Mothers Undying Struggle

Sharon’s Tate’s mother had always a fear that Manson’s family may get parole without a board hearing. So she started a crusade for that. Her name was Doris Tate and her crusade led to legal changes in the California state in the USA. The state finally passed the Victims’ Bill of Rights.

Disastrous Duty

Father of Sharon Tate, cleaned the blood-soaked crime scene. You can imagine how tragic the duty was. He cleaned the scene where her daughter requested or begged for her baby’s life. The father’s name was Paul Tate.


The film received critical appreciation from all quarters of society. Hopefully, you loved these unknown facts about the Manson family vacation movie’s real story plot.

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