8 Best Family Vacations Trips

Family Vacation Best

Did you know that taking a family vacation once in a while can help you become more productive at work and reduce everyone’s stress at once? If that convinced you to plan for one right away, check out these eight family vacation best destinations! Don’t forget to follow local health guidelines and book your reservations in advance.

South Carolina, USA

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Did the outbreak make you get that itch to head to the beach? You can book a few days at The Breakers resort at Myrtle Beach to get that sun. Aside from its long lazy rivers, it also boasts on-property pools and new water slides. If you don’t want to get into the water, you can try out their cornhole, life-size chess, and their Sno-Cone stands.

Lisbon, Portugal

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As the first international destination on this list, this European town is also known for its beaches. For sightseeing, you can get a great view of its well-known hills for less than $4. After touring the city, you can head in and go around neighborhoods, castles, and palaces.

Tennessee, USA

Back in the United States, you can tour the town near the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. At Gatlinburg, you can take your family out on a tour of the great outdoors. It includes hiking, whitewater rafting, and biking.

The Dominican Republic

Want to spend $100 for a family vacation best abroad? Head on over to Punta Cana for some sun, sand, and golf. Aside from saving money, this destination is also close to the local airport, which gives you access to over 20 countries.

Utah, USA

Want to go on an outdoor adventure with your family? Go on a day trip to Utah’s Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park. In Bryce Canyon, you and your family can find the Grand Staircase, which will lead to Lower Calf Creek Falls.


Speaking of waterfalls, you can choose to go to Europe and discover more about this cold country in the north. One of the many tour packages available includes snorkeling in the Silfra fissure, exploring Reykjavik’s churches and old harbors, and stopping at the world’s largest human-made ice cave.

Alberta, Canada

Explore the northern country in the American continent through a wild outdoor adventure. You can book your family to a whitewater run along with the Kicking Horse, one of the country’s Heritage Rivers, for a shot of adrenalin.

Saint Lucia

If you have kids under the age of 12, you can bring them for fun at St. James’s Club Morgan Bay. There, you can enroll them at their Kids Club and let them try out yoga, cooking, and mocktails.

Whether you head onto the next state or fly out of the country, these are some of the many family vacations that you can choose. Make sure to follow local health guidelines before heading out. Aside from that, book your reservations in advance to save time and energy.

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