Camping Essentials List – What to Take With You When You Go Camping

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Here is your camping essentials list. This list will be used to ensure you have everything you need before going camping this year. So do not make the same mistake most did last year. Use this list to ensure you have all of your camping essentials in place before going camping this year. This camping essentials list isn’t just for new campers either.

Importance Of Camping Essential List

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Even experienced campers need to use a camping essentials list to double check their camping essentials before going out. If you are new to camping or an experienced camper, you should use your camping essentials list every time you go out. This way you will be sure you don’t forget anything. For example, if you don’t bring an axe, consider bringing a screwdriver. You may think this is silly, but it will ensure you bring more than you think you will.

Good Night’s Sleep

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The third thing on your camping checklist should be a good night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep is absolutely necessary to enjoy a great trip. So ensure you pack plenty of comfortable bedding and make sure your tent pegs are in good shape. You don’t want to arrive at your car camping only to realize the ground is muddy when you try to erect the tent pegs.

Also remember to bring along some basic first aid kits. You never know what you might happen to get into when camping. Water is also essential so make sure you pack enough water. And don’t forget your multi-tool.

Car Camping 

Car camping is a great way to extend your camping fun. But you have to be careful. Be sure to check out the camping areas you are camping in. There might be some that aren’t suitable for car camping and those that require a different set of skills.

One item that can make camping more enjoyable is a good mattress. You will want a comfortable sleeping surface that is easy to clean and maintain. In addition to a mattress, make sure to bring along an extra set of sheets. It isn’t nice to find yourself freezing in the middle of the night or stuck in a tent that is leaking. Bring along a sleeping bag too so you can stay warm.

The final item on your camping essentials list should be a good tent. Camping tents come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on how many people you are camping with, you will want to consider the amount of camping tents you pack. If there are only two of you plan to stay in separate tents, then a light weight single person tent will be sufficient.

Summing Up.

Probably the most important item on your list of camping essentials is the tent. You should absolutely bring a tent, whether you are camping in a site with trees or not. The main reason to bring a tent is to have somewhere to stay during the night, so it’s worth the investment to get the best one you can.

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