Enhance Your Good Sleep Quality, Comforting and Reduce Eye Puffiness That Makes You Relaxed Truly!

A proper night’s rest is a must to ensure proper health and wellbeing. You must be aware of the importance of practicing good sleep hygiene, but there are many people for whom the lack of sleep isn’t by choice as they have trouble falling and staying asleep.

Artificial light, either from the streetlamp outside your window, from device screens, or any other source, can contribute to a lack of sleep. Since the one thing you don’t want to be short on is sleep, a sleeping mask can be quite handy. For those who struggle, the right one will surround you in darkness and comfort and will let you sleep peacefully. 

Therefore, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of a high-quality sleep mask. This article will introduce you to a floral print sleeping mask that you can carry anywhere to leave out the world and drift off. 

Floral Sleeping Mask Trip Best Carry On Luggage

This floral sleeping mask has an elastic strap that can be adjusted through a buckle to ensure it is not too tight but comfortable for you. The strap will also ensure that your eye mask doesn’t fall off when you change your positions during your sleep. The mask has a solid black on the backside and a floral pattern on the front side. It is suitable for regular use as well as for travel or getaways.

With the inner cotton fill and outer hypoallergenic silk material, the floral mask will give a relaxing and cooling sensation to the eyes to ensure that you are comfortable while sleeping. Not only will this mask block all visual distractions completely to quiet your mind but the fabric will also protect both skin and hair from any damage due to friction. It is soft, comfy, and lightweight and will surely be a game-changer to help you fall asleep and feel rested after working.

Sleep well with Floral Sleeping Mask Trip Best Carry On Luggage.


  • Quantity 1 pc
  • Size 21.5x11cm/4.92×4.33”(Approx)
  • Color Pink,Blue.As the picture.
  • Item Type Sleep & Snoring
  • Brand Name duai
  • Type Eyeshade
  • Work Mode Eye Cover
  • Eyeshade Type Normal Eyeshade
  • Model Number T3TT500237-PK
  • Material Silk+Cotton Filler
A close up of a person


  • The sleeping mask comes with an adjustable elastic strap  
  • The fabric is breathable 
  • It doesn’t press on your face and it won’t make a tangled mess of your hair
  • Suitable for traveling and regular use
  • It is flexible and provides comfort to your eyes
  • It is able to block the light completely for a better sleep
  • Great floral design, lightweight, well-made, and convenient to use
  • The mask will not leave lines on your face
  • Perfect sleep cover for men and women, young and old


  • The mask is made of silk fabric that tends to get dirty easily than other materials


If you are facing trouble sleeping, then a good sleeping mask may be just what you need. This handy floral sleeping mask will block out the light and will allow your brain to sense darkness, and ultimately will get rid of sleeplessness.

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