Essentials For Car Camping That You Must Take For Your Next Trip

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Camping is perhaps one of the best and the most accessible way by which you can connect with nature. The camping can be extremely luxurious when glamping in a Airstream or it can be raw and spartan when backpacking through the forest and sleeping in a hammock. One of the best and the middle ground is the car camping. Car camping will get you outside while you still have the option of lockable dry shelter and climate control. While the van life has been included in the camping space and is known to be the best adventure machine in reality the vehicle you have is just prefect for you to get out and create lots of memories. But if you have not been to the wild in your car then here in this article we will discuss about the essentials of car camping that you should take for your next trip.

The Low Temperature Rated Sleeping Bag And Pillow

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The optimal sleep setup will need a sleeping bag, sleeping pad or air mattress and an extra blanket. But there is not always room for so many stuffs. So for the less crowd a sleeping bag would be the best option. Fully unzip the bag and you can use it as a camp or as a beach blanket. Keep it zipped and it can be used as a scant sleeping pad for the extra cushion if you need more warmth. Or if you are comfortable in the car but it is too hot to sleep in the sleeping bag then you can use it just as a blanket.

The Camping Stove Is A Must

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Your vehicle and the amount of space you have will decide which kind of camping stove should be best for you to buy. Since it is a car camping it is best to have a two-burner folding gas stove or a single burner backpacking stove which can be directly attached to the top of a duel canister. When you are cooking make sure that you clean all the scraps and if you are in a bear country then it is best to avoid storing food where you sleep.

Fire Starter

If you are camping without fire then it is a tragedy and in case of its uses for cooking and warmth your whole trip will be ruined. So it is important that you have a waterproof fire-starting tool that will create spark instead of flame. Before you set off be sure that you know how to start a fire with the bare minimum tools. It is best that you keep a five-pack of lighters on hand to start a campfire but these will run out id fuel or the stock.

Large Water Jug

Water is important as it gets and consumption of water is not its only purpose. It depends on how remote your camping will be and it will be used for cooking and washing also. For your safety it is best that you keep a portable water filter on hand as an emergency backup.

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