How to Make Your Own Sea Lantern Recipe

sea lantern recipe

The main ingredient in this dish is the seaweed which is mainly used to give a unique taste to this dish. You could easily Get the Sea Lantern Recipe by searching on the internet.

In order to make the most authentic dish, you must use fresh vegetables such as bamboo shoots, cloves, and curry leaves. Prepare these ingredients together with enough salt so that it will have the ability of wrapping its own lantern when cooked. You can also use dried pieces of the lantern for making more authentic sea lanterns.

Use A Food Processor Or Blender

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It would take about an hour to make just one serving of the lantern. You will need about eight iron nuggets, some uncooked brown rice, four pieces of dry straw, and about two teaspoons of salt. Bring all the things to a boil then cut them into half-inch pieces. When they are done, allow them to cool down and then use a food processor or blender. Mix them until they become a uniform color all over.

Then, use a small amount of cooking oil and fry the pieces of meat in it. Let it cook for about four minutes before turning them out onto a plate. This way, you would not have much of a problem burning them. You can now use the cooking oil to coat the meat with salt, so that you would have better taste.

Using Enough Salt

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Next, you would have to cut open the bamboo shoots and soak the raw meat in salt solution overnight. You can prepare the solution by using enough salt so that the bamboo shoots become soft. Bring the solution to a boil before removing the cooked bamboo shoots and keeping them aside. You can now prepare the fish sauce and the fish meat by combining them together.

Now it is time to wash them in clean water in a large sink. You should be careful in using clean water. If it were to be contaminated by any form of bacteria, the taste would suddenly become bitter. This could ruin your whole cooking experience.

Adding Salt To The Wok

Cook the sea scum by adding salt to the wok. Add enough water so that the scum doesn’t boil. Cover the wok with a lid so that steam would be trapped inside. Bring the temperature up to medium-high heat. Allow the seafood to cook thoroughly before removing from the heat.

The next step would be to rinse the sea food under cold running water. Afterward, store the cooked sea foods in Tupperware containers. The next step would be to slice them into matchsticks. Put all of the matchstick-shaped food in a single layer. Bring the temperature back to medium-high heat and cover the container. Leave the container in the freezer for an entire month before eating the lantern recipe.

The Seafood

To prepare the seafood for the sea lantern recipe, slice it and then cut it into two pieces. Diced sea food is best when it’s cut into bite size pieces. When they are evenly sliced, place them on plates. For each plate, add an onion slice. Add some sesame oil or soy sauce for a garnish.

To prepare the meat mixture for the recipe, first soak the pieces in water for half an hour. Then, in a large frying pan, combine about three-eighths ounce (5 sticks) of meat and one-fourth teaspoon of rock salt. Pour the mixture over the pieces and allow it to sit for about fifteen minutes. During this time, the meat will cook thoroughly.

Final Words

Serve seafood on top of raw vegetables. For an added flavorful touch, you can also marinate the seafood for additional taste. Heat some oil in a large skillet and add some of the marinade into it. Allow the mixture to slowly cook for about five minutes, until it becomes translucent. It’s time to serve your seafood piece to everyone at your next big family gathering! The good thing about sea lantern recipes is that they are versatile. You can prepare it the way you like it. I prefer my recipe with vegetable garnishes though. It gives it more flavor and makes it taste better as well. It’s also one of my favorite family meals ever!

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