Iceland Family Vacation Rental Tips For Your Kids

iceland family vacation

Whether you visit the Golden Circle for a single day or spend several days, the Golden Circle undoubtedly is a must-see destination for your Iceland family vacation! This article contains numerous paid links to local sites that provide detailed information about what to see and do in this lovely region. In particular, take some time to consider the charming village of Hreidar where the exquisite Ice Cave is open to visitors, as well as the popular Hnifsdalur Cave, where the world’s oldest recorded art was discovered. The Golden Circle, a cirque that cuts through the heart of the South Iceland countryside, is considered to be Iceland’s most famous outdoors site. And while you’re here, don’t miss the chance to try sailing, helicopter or airplane. If these adventures pique your interest, make sure you bring your camera!

You’ve heard of Iceland’s many water sports, so when planning your iceland family vacation you may want to include at least one trip to the ice blue lagoon. The lagoon is Iceland’s version of a natural hot spring where the waters are heated by the sun and the resulting steam helps to soften the skin. The steam is soothing after a long day on the slopes and ideal for soothing muscles and joints. This unique natural hot spring is located near the village of Hnifsdalur in the Hraunfjordur area. Hiking to the hot spring is an easy and pleasant way to end a fantastic Iceland trip.

An Overview

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Another thing to do in the with kids in Iceland is to consider taking the Iceland dog sled ride. Dogs love to explore, and they often carry coolness away with them in their whistles, giving you a chance to enjoy the astonishing things to do in the with kids in Iceland even before you reach the country. For an Iceland dog sled trip, head to Iceland’s Ice Cave national park and look for signs that indicate the correct route to take. Once you are there, make sure to book your excursion with a company that deals in dog sledding. The weather conditions can be extreme in Iceland, so bring a warm coat and some dog booties to keep your pet warm.

Probably the best thing to do in the with kids in Iceland is to head to the north American tectonic hiking trails. Experienced hikers can easily walk from the village of Hnifsdalur to the popular Hnifsdalur cave. The south American tectonic hiking trails give you a similar trekking experience, but the landscape is much more dramatic. You’ll need to carry a lot of supplies, since most of the trails in Iceland require climbing or hiking equipment.

Top Sites To Watch

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Iceland’s landscape is full of kid-friendly wonders, which is why it’s such a great place to go on an Iceland family vacation. Iceland has geothermal activity, which is both a good reason to visit the country and a great reason to enjoy it on your Iceland family vacation. Geothermal activity takes place in two forms: active geysers and passive geysers. Active geysers occur when the ground is being heated by an underground heat source. These geysers are visible from the surface, and they provide a captivating sight for those who can hike to the top of active geysers.

If you don’t like to deal with geothermal activity but still want to experience the active volcano system, there’s a good chance that you can hike on the lava fields of Iceland. The Iceland lava fields sit on the face of an extinct volcano that used to produce lava every year. When the lava travels near the seabed, it cools and solidifies, forming new luscious geysers. Hiking to the top of active volcanoes on an Iceland family vacation is the perfect way to experience the sights and sounds of this active volcano system.

Dont Miss These

If you and your kids are looking for a cool Iceland family vacation rental, consider renting a condo near the popular Kerid crater. The white-hot volcanic activity of the erupting Mt. magnes on the incline just below the green waters of Lake Imagine is very impressive. In fact, you’ll probably want to stay around the time when the eruptions happen so you can get a photo of them, too. A nice Iceland weather will help you stay cool and comfortable while you take in the spectacular sights, which includes a jet stream soaring over the rim of the erupting volcano.


Another fun thing about visiting Iceland for an Iceland family vacation is the chance to visit one of the many geothermal wonders in Iceland: the geysers. You and your kids may even be able to climb to the top of one! If you want a high-tech thrill, try the Slumber Pod, a hot new activity that lets participants walk up a cable that snakes through the earth. You can choose from a wide range of obstacles and challenges, and when you’re done, you walk back down to the base of the Slumber Pod. And then, maybe your kids can take on the popular and exciting activity of walking all around the globe using only their feet!

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