Our Top 25 Best Christmas Vacation Ideas For Weekend Getaways

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Many families look forward to a Christmas family vacation during the winter months. While some head off on short trips to snowy resorts in Alaska or Canada, others plan a longer holiday weekend trip to the tropical islands of Jamaica or Mexican ski slopes. Wherever they go, there is one thing that all families can agree on: enjoying the season is the best way to spend time together during the long cold winter months.

For most families, a Christmas family vacation is synonymous with Christmas day, which can mean snow, excitement, gift giving, and of course cake. Some of the best Christmas family vacation ideas are also just around the corner, in the US. Look to snowy mountains in the West or to larger cities on the East Coast to large Christmas tree-making competitions or annual window shopping, for giant Christmas cookies, gift giving, and outdoor winter activities.

Famous Vacation Venues 

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A Christmastime family vacation doesn’t have to be restricted to a particular region, either. Instead, consider taking your family along on a holiday cross-country trip, stopping in cities along the way to enjoy Christmas dinner, a movie, or even ice skating or sledding. For those who like to treat their children to a Christmas story, a wagon ride across the states is the perfect antidote to the “Bridge of Love” classic. Or, if children are more interested in a hot air balloon ride over the snowy landscape of winter in Minnesota, a visit to the Christmas tree trimming grounds at Wildwood is sure to be a real Christmas thrill for everyone! These and other Christmas travel ideas can be incorporated into any general holiday planning and are sure to generate plenty of excitement for that much needed Christmas family vacation!

When it comes to planning a real Christmas getaway, the US may be the place to be. The Pacific Northwest offers stunning beaches, sandy beaches and breathtaking backdrops that will inspire thoughts of Santa Claus. Families can head into Vancouver to experience the wonder and excitement of their national parks, or take time to enjoy the beautiful nightlife and shopping opportunities on the Island of Vancouver. There is certainly no shortage of things to do or see when you head up north to the frozen wastes of the Arctic Circle.

Winter Sports 

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As well as snow and beaches, there is certainly no shortage of winter sports when you head north. Whether you choose sleigh rides through the woods, fishing, or sledding down the great mountain range, a Christmas family vacation idea that few people will turn down, is taking in some traditional Christmas activities. This includes such activities as sledding down the local hills, fishing on a river, or taking part in the many winter sports available. If you don’t take part in any of these activities, then why not spend some time snowshoeing down the local mountains with the rest of your family, perhaps taking in some amazing Christmas dinner along the way?

For those families who are looking for a more active Christmas family vacation idea, then perhaps you might want to try taking in a little Christmas activity such as sleigh rides. Sleigh rides are a unique and popular Christmas getaway activity because they provide both children and adults with a chance to holiday in style. Most Christmas holidays will include a Christmas parade somewhere in Canada, which means you will have the opportunity to get into the spirit of the holiday and take in all of the Christmas fun. From picking out your own Christmas dress, to getting your picture taken by a celebrity-type figure during the parades, taking in some of this year’s special Christmas traditions like these truly is a wonderful Christmas tradition worth experiencing.

Holiday Tradition 

Of course, another popular holiday tradition worth trying out when planning your family holiday is to plan a holiday on the beach. The beach is a festive place for a number of reasons, from windsurfing, catamaranning, or simply lying on the beach and catching some rays. Spending time on the beach is likely one of the most affordable and most fun ways to spend time with the family. A holiday at the beach offers the best opportunity to enjoy some of Canada’s natural beauty at its best, and even if you’re not a fan of the ocean, planning a trip down to the beach during your trip to Canada can still be an interesting and rewarding experience. Many hotels offer fantastic packages that include access to water sports like boating and skiing, making this a top destination for holiday makers.

As mentioned earlier, Canada offers some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, making it a popular destination for those looking to spend a vacation on the beautiful island. One of Canada’s most well-loved beaches is Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island, which has some amazing views and is home to some of Nova Scotia’s highest peaks. If you love hiking or are a nature lover, you will love spending time hiking the trails around the island, especially since winter is only a short drive away. Another great time to spend a day or two at the beach is during the fall, when the foliage is turning colors and a beautiful harvest moon makes the island all the more spectacular. Here are our top 25 best Christmas vacation ideas for weekend getaways to Nova Scotia.


These are just a few of the beautiful places that you can visit on your way to a great Christmas holiday. Whether you want to spend the days of Christmas at home or take a well-deserved vacation, these are some of the finest destinations to choose from. Whether you want to go snowboarding or snowshoeing, unwind by taking in a spa or a play set, or enjoy some shopping in one of the many bustling cities, you won’t be disappointed. Book your holiday plans today to start enjoying these and other wonderful Christmases!

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