Places For Family Vacation In India

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Are you bored in the continuous period of lockdown? Don’t worry, and we have something good to share. Most of us couldn’t plan any vacation due to covid, so each family will be planning something better when everything settles down. So instead of wasting time sitting idle at home, let’s look over the web and find out the popular destinations across India. There are certain places which are inactive for both families and couples and that too at affordable prices. Some of the best family vacation places are discussed in brief. To know more about it, you can google them separately.

The perfect destination spots include-


Srinagar in Jammu Kashmir is one such place which is a favorite spot for all Indians and even for foreigners. It’s like heaven on earth. Most of the people wait for winter to enjoy the company of icy weather. But, the weather is so lovely that one desires to stay for long over there. It’s even the capital of Kashmir which one wishes to visit every year due to its great ambiance and other services. The most common meals found there are dum aloo, Kashmiri pulao, mutton rogan josh. So you can check this place out if you desire for some rich weather and lovely nature with affordable prices.


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Another favorite spot of destination chosen by Indians is Jaipur in Rajasthan. It is called the pink city of Rajasthan and is the most enjoyable place for families with kids. There you will come across architectural marvels, forts and palaces, well-manicured gardens, and unique courtyards and museums. These cover the central part of Jaipur and thus by attracting people from all aspects. You can even plan a picnic spot here which indeed will become memorable. Apart from this, most couples now even plan their pre-wedding shots in Jaipur due to its prominent location.


This place is quite similar to any hilly area equipped with all those activities that one feels like doing. Nainital in Uttarakhand is set around a shimmering lake. It’s been posted among the top 10 destinations in India. This place is the best to spend time with family, and one can plan a picnic spot for a vacation. You will enjoy the company as many activities are taken up, including cable car rides and boating at the Nainital Lake. It will surely be a memorable one you can check out once.


Goa in Mumbai attracts a vast no. of tourists from various parts of the world. One such place can make you feel as you have completed your entire journey towards beach areas. It’s been posted in the top 10 destinations. It’s the best place for couples or families with kids. You will come to see various adventure sports, forts and Portuguese churches, countless beaches, luxury homestay, and unlimited seafood options. So that makes it an ultimate spot for all activities and the perfect destination to be planned during vacation.


So these were a few spots that attracted citizens from all parts. The weather at each place makes the trip joyful. All these places are best suited for families with kids. It’s safe, and one can enjoy it to the fullest due to the great ambiance.

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