Some Beautiful And Cheap Island Vacation

Some Beautiful And Cheap Island Vacation


A long stretched blue water, and a cozy resort on the island quenches our thirst for vacation. Holidays and vacations are always soothing to us. It gives us relief from mundane life and helps us to breathe the fresh air. Etymologically an island is a sub-continent, and the water is surrounding it all over. A group of islands that are geographically and geologically inter-related is called archipelago. The cheap island of the Philippines is an exam of the archipelago.

Some Beautiful And Cheap Island Vacation
Some Beautiful And Cheap Island Vacation

Islands are a very energetic place for vacation. The smell of the moist sand, the expanded water and the bright sunny day is always eye-melting happiness for us. Nature’s one of the most amazing creations of these islands. They are made naturally through tectonic forces or volcanic eruptions. But nowadays human is also creating an artificial island to reside like Osaka Bay or the islands of Japan, Honshu is human-made. The Kansai airport is built o this island. Now let us see a few cheap islands for vacation.

Few Cheap Island For vacation

Havelock Island, In Andaman, India-


Among the divas surrounding the whole world, the islands of Havelock in the Andamans are an eye snatching one. The golden sand meeting the holy blue crystal water gives us a natural feeling within us. In these islands there are few places to visit also like Elephant Beach, Kalapathar beach and the important one is the Radhanagar Beach. Accommodation and hotels are pocket-friendly which we can book near Vijayanagar Beach. The place also has luxurious accommodations too.

Best Time to visit:

The perfect time for a vacation here is from May to October. During this time, the temperature is appropriate; it varies between 15 to 35 degrees Celsius. The water temperature also is a friendly and best time for diving or other water activities.

Maldives Islands-


If we are planning for a trip where we can get dreamy blue water, shimmering white sand to dig in and wants to spend a few days in the lap of water, then the Maldives is the one. These tropical islands across the south-western part of the Indian ocean and Srilanka are absolutely a fantastic place to visit during the holidays. 90% of the Maldives

Time To Visit:

The Maldives remain sunny all over the year. The perfect time to visit here is from November to May. If we want to find a cheaper way, then the ideal time is May to October, during the off-seasons.

Places To Visit:

There are many places to visit for their picturesque beauty.

Some Beautiful And Cheap Island Vacation
Some Beautiful And Cheap Island Vacation

1. Mal

This is the capital city and the largest city of the Maldives and gives the essence of urban culture. Previously it had a name Mahal as many famous dynasties and kings resided here. Specifically, the most amazing thing is that the climate remains moderate all year-round.

2. Sun Island-

This is again another prominent tourist spot. This island is famous for pristine beaches, different kinds of tropical flowers. This place has a serene climate, and the ambiance is splendid and hence is an ideal place for honey, moons, and vacation.

3. Vaadhoo Beach-

One of the most magnificent sites in the Maldives is this. A magical place that lit up the night. Due to the presence of the microorganism known as phytoplanktons, the beach has this mesmerizing beauty. These organisms are luminescent in nature and reflect a lustrous blue effect beneath the ocean and give a picturesque beauty to the place.


When we discuss a vacation in the islands, many options attract us. Many islands surround the world. Greenland among them is the largest one, whereas the vast river islands are in the Northeastern part of Assam. Few islands like the Artificial Islands in the Maldives are constructed for water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, and many more. The crystal clear water of these islands, the fresh air, and the dreamy sunbeam snatches all the tiredness of our life and gives us a new experience and a new enthusiasm.

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