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It is not surprising that their main sites have become a vacation path for Americans and others who hope to have an idea of that story. However, more than this, the path of freedom is a good introduction to the city today, which connects or passes near some of the best-loved tourist attractions. Boston is easy to navigate on foot, as its main opinions are relatively close, and the first metropolitan system in America, T, connects its important neighbourhoods.

Through the Carlo river, an aqueous summer recreational area whose Costa Boston is reserved as Esplanade Park, is Cambridge.  Although it is an independent and independent city, for tourist purposes, Cambridge is part of Boston and is connected by the same traffic system.

Boston Common

Boston Common is the oldest park in the United States, and the starting point of the way of freedom. With over fifty hectares to wander through the foot, either by bicycle, or on horseback, you will need several hours to completely explore the park. Many famous executives in the world have delivered speeches to the ordinary. With so much story to discover, it is a good idea to take a tour provided by the provision of the freedom of the foundation and learn about the common importance for American history.

Boston’s Freedom Trail

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Two and a half miles of historically significant sites of Boston include the iconic path of freedom. From museums and asked to bury land and a boat, the Freedom Trail offers visitors an experience that brings history to life. The official sites on the path include the site of the Boston Massacre, the statue of Benjamin Franklin and the Boston Latin School and the United States Constitution.

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

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Boston Tea Party Boats and the Museum carries visitors in time taking them in an incredible journey through events in the order in which they occurred more than 200 years ago. Meet the settlers; explore the restored tea ships and the exhaust tea out of the edge, just like the sons of freedom. Visitors will return to time as interactive exhibitions, multisensory documentaries and live actors, bringing visitors through events to see, listen, sit and do what people have returned in 1773.

New Waterfront

Boston’s new waterfront is full of life on land and at sea. There are several restaurants, fashion shops, museums, art galleries and hotels by the sea. Strolling along the Harbour walk, you will pass through some of Boston’s most vibrant neighbourhoods. From open-air concerts to cliff jumping and so on, New Waterfront always has activities to do. There are many things to do in New Waterfront, but do not forget to stop and look at the past of the world.


Although many of Boston’s tourist attractions revolve around its fascinating past, the city is also known for its famous college institutions, avid sports fans, and professional teams. Coupled with its booming arts and cultural scene, delicious local seafood, and picturesque seaside surroundings, it is no surprise that “Athens of America” ​​draws so many tourists every year.

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