The Basic Essentials For Camping – What To Consider When Planning A Kids Camping Trip

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If you are planning a camping trip, you have probably already thought about packing your basic essentials for camping. You may be planning to go to the Great Smoky Mountains or to a beach or lake. You have probably also considered the basics for water, food and shelter. Whatever the reason you are considering going camping, it is important to begin planning early so that you can make sure that your campsite is comfortable, safe, and dry.

Rv Or Tent

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In order to have a successful camping trip, you will need to make sure that every one of your basic needs for campers is taken care of. One item that you definitely will want to take along with you on your trip is an air mattress. A good air mattress works well and can keep you nice and comfortable on cool nights even if there is limited space in your RV or tent.

Make a checklist of the basic things that you will need for your children for camping. These items include a backpack, sturdy shoes, a comfortable summer dress, sun block, insect repellant, sunscreen and gloves. Make a second checklist for your older kids. This is particularly important for teenagers who may be more active in outdoor sports and activities.

Having Showers

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If your teenage kids are not interested in being as active as other campers in recreational campsites, they might enjoy having showers at the site. Some campgrounds have fully equipped bathrooms for this purpose. For younger kids, consider using a portable shower facility that can easily be folded away and stowed in a backpack. Some other kids’ camping facilities provide washrooms with running water and a wash basin. These toilets work well in warm weather. A portable toilet will do fine in a cooler campsite.

Camp Chairs

When making a list of the basic necessities for kids for a camping holiday, you should also add some additional items. It is recommended that you check out the type of camp chairs available. There are folding camp chairs for easy transport to the site. Folding camp chairs are often made of waterproof materials like polyurethane or nylon. Some kids enjoy camping in a hammock while some would rather sleep in their sleeping bag.

Your kids will also need to bring their own portable toilet. Most of these are made of nylon. You should also include a pair of bibs in a kit that you buy for camping with your kids. These bibs work well in keeping young children cool in hot weather. The basic essentials checklist for kids should include a pair of bibs to keep them warm.


You can get more information on the different kinds of tents, sleeping bags, stoves and lanterns from the internet or from specialty stores in your area. Camping gear, which is sold at online stores usually comes with a discount so you can save some money on your purchases. You can also shop around a bit in order to get the best deal possible. You can check out reviews or look at photos of previous campers before making your decision on what type of camping equipment to bring.

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