Top 10 Cheap And Low-Cost Island Vacations To Plan This Season

Top 10 Cheap Island Vacations

Introduction To Island Vacations

Everybody needs a vacation. Apart from the daily work routine, vacation is something everybody dreams. People plan and save for their vacation. Whatever be the budget vacations are a part of everyone’s list. Hence there is a list of top 10 island vacations in your budget.

Top 5 Island Vacations

Bali, Indonesia-Lush green forests surround Bali islands. It is one of the cheapest beaches for a vacation. Sometimes flights can be expensive, but one can find good hotels at affordable prices. Moreover, world-renowned surf destination, Balangan Beach is a major tourist attraction.

Top 10 Cheap And Low-Cost Island Vacations To Plan This Season
Top 10 Cheap And Low-Cost Island Vacations To Plan This Season

Corfu, Greece– Although Greece is an expensive vacation destination, there is this little town known as Corfu that is surprisingly affordable. Hotels provide fantastic scenery and beach view. 

Patong, Thailand– Crystal-clear waters and a combination of hills and forests make Patong a spectacular destination for a vacation. Various adventure activities enhance the vacation experience. Above all, hotels are available at affordable rates.

Cannon Beach, Oregon– Cannon Beach is one breath-taking beach in the US. As you don’t leave the country, it is very affordable. Haystack Rock is a major tourist attraction. Also, hotel prices can be compared in the budget.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic– Turquoise waters, white-sand beaches, and palm trees are dreamy features of the beach. There are around 15 nature parks that make the Punta Cana beach great for adventures. Moreover, the local currency is cheaper than the dollar, so it benefits for traveling. Above all, famous for its nightlife, it is the most happening place one can find.

More 5 Island Vacations

Top 10 Cheap And Low-Cost Island Vacations To Plan This Season
Top 10 Cheap And Low-Cost Island Vacations To Plan This Season

Moorea, French Polynesia– Off the coast of Tahiti in the Pacific ocean, you find this island. It is also one of the unique white sand beaches. As it is not a common tourist spot, peace and serenity provide a heavenly environment. Furthermore, undisturbed natural coral reefs and scuba diving let tourists have a fantastic experience.

Hvar Island, Croatia– Located off the coast of Croatia in the Adriatic Sea, Hvar Island is a perfect getaway. It will fill you with many experiences for life. Moreover, ancient architecture adds to the beauty of the site.

Algarve, Portugal– The coastline here shows various rock formations. It takes a few hours to reach this place from Sevilla. Above all, natural beauty, along with culture, is beyond this world.

Palawan Island, Philippines– This island is surprisingly cheap. Various water sports and adventure activities add to the experience. Still keeping with the budget, it allows a lifetime memory.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico– If you don’t go for luxury hotels, Isla Mujeres is the place in your budget. It has a beautiful Mexican beach which is peaceful and relaxing. One can enjoy this place with minimum expenses. Warm Mexican culture opens its arms to everyone. Also, various tourists spot cover the island.


Hence, traveling in a tight budget is not impossible. One should have the right plan and knowledge about places. Traveling experience is beyond comparison with anything. In spite of the amount of your savings, you must plan for traveling within your budget.

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