Top Family Vacation Spot Ideas – What Will Make Your Family Happy

top family vacation spot

Are you searching for a top family vacation spot? There are so many areas to choose from. But it’s really tough to decide where you should go and how long you should stay. I have been there! Many times I would not recommend a certain activity or place because I was not happy with it.

I have been to family reunions, camp openings, beach vacations, baseball championships, and even things like weddings. I have been to family get togethers where the entire family gathers at a resort. This can be very exciting as each member gets to meet their own family members.

Great Benefit

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There is a huge benefit of a resort for families. It provides an atmosphere where the whole family can relax. The food is wonderful and the atmosphere is perfect. However, not every resort is created equally. And you have to do your research to find out which ones offer what you are looking for.

For instance, I went to Florida for my daughter’s wedding and I was excited about going to Florida. I made my list of top family vacation places and even looked online to see what the weather was going to be like. That’s when I hit the jackpot! I found that one of our family friends was staying at a condo on a beautiful island in Florida. It was a gorgeous location, but I knew that there were other things that I wanted to find out.

Seek Information

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My list of top family vacation spots was missing something. It had nothing to do with the weather. It didn’t matter if the day was ninety degrees or a hundred. The weather was not going to influence my decision one bit.

So I started my research. I went on the internet and looked at what the other family members wanted to do. There were some that I could follow and some that they had to book a trip for themselves. They gave some great advice. Some of it was priceless!

I also went on the forums and talked to everyone. There are always lively conversations going on in any forum. One of the topics that came up several times was the topic of family vacations. People were going crazy over the idea and begging to go. Many bragged about their family reunion, but there were only a handful that actually had a family reunion booked.

So my suggestion is if your family wants a great family vacation, go to Florida. You will have to do some planning, but it won’t be difficult. My family goes there once every year and it is a blast. So next time you are looking for top family vacation spots, consider a spot in Florida.

Decide Wisely

First you have to decide on where you are going to go. You can’t plan this kind of thing unless you know where you would like to go. If your family loves the beach, they should go to the Florida Keys. If they enjoy being outdoors, they should go to Pensacola Beach. There are so many fun things to do in the Keys that it will be hard to narrow it down.

Once you determine where you would like to go, you have to plan your itinerary. This is very important, especially if this is your first trip as a family. It should include not only your flight destination but also your hotel, restaurants, etc. You have to include all the activities you will be doing together.

If you love the water, then you should head to the Caribbean. There are so many different beaches to choose from and so many awesome resorts. A top family vacation spot in the Caribbean would be the Cayman Islands. You will get to visit Curacao and St. Maarten.


If you love adventure, you should go to Alaska. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit. You can go snowboarding, fishing, or mountain biking. There are so many activities to do in Alaska, it will be hard to narrow it down. A great family spot in Alaska would be Fairbanks.

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