Top Truck Camping Essentials For Hunters

truck camping essentials

There are a few things that you will need when camping in a truck, and here are a few of them. The first one is a way to store your personal items while you are on the road.

Most Common Items

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Some of the most common items you find when camping in a truck are the toilet paper, bandages, wipes and the medications. These items are easily stored in a plastic bucket or sack for easy access. The most important part of your camping essentials kit is a way to carry your medications in the back seats. A small plastic pail works well for this purpose. It’s big enough to hold the medication and the insert that go with it, but small enough so that you don’t have to stuff all of your prescription medications into your pockets.

Portable Water Heater

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Another one of the truck camping essentials is a good portable water heater. The best ones have both hot and cold water and propane valves to accommodate any situation. There is no reason to spend the extra money on an expensive propane water heater if you can find one in a cheap price range at a camp store.

Sleeping bags, air mattresses and inflatable sleeping bags are very popular among truck campers. All of these items are available for easy access when needed. Your sleeping bags and air mattresses can be stored under the rear seats. A portable propane stove and grill are a necessity for camp fires. Cooking meals while cooking over an open flame is dangerous, and having a portable stove to use while you sleep is a huge safety benefit.

If you like to customize your pickup truck, you can easily have it customized to fit your specifications. Any custom order will involve shipping and handling costs, so keep this in mind when making your decision. You will need to know the size and weight of your cargo, as well as its height and width. You should also be able to select from a variety of designs offered by your chosen custom manufacturer.

Quality Set Of Binoculars

Another truck camping necessity is a quality set of binoculars. Many collectors buy binoculars to add to their collections, and many hunters take advantage of these binoculars to scout out their target animals. It is important to have good quality binoculars to be able to clearly view your prey in great detail. A pair of hunting binoculars can make or break your whole camping trip. Whether you hunt turkey, deer, or even bear, having a pair of binoculars will bring you satisfaction for years to come.

When choosing a custom order for your truck, most manufactures allow you to select the material you would like your binoculars to be made of. Aluminum, magnesium, or carbon can all be great choices. In fact, some of the more advanced models in any series are actually available with CNC (Computer Numbered Numeric Control) technology.

Bottom Line

In addition to the binoculars, other items that are essential for any successful hunt include extra clothes and footwear, food and water, sleeping bags or mats, and a blanket or rug for your bed. When it comes to selecting these items, you should consider the weight of the items, as well as the size of your vehicle. For example, a picnic backpack may only be able to carry a few items, but a large back pack is ideal for carrying food, water, and equipment. Likewise, if you’re hunting in a rainy area or in extremely cold weather conditions, you’ll need to think about the type of bag or rug you want. If you prefer to carry the lightweight, spring loaded packs, you will likely need more than an average sized rug for warmth.

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