Travel Agency Ideas For A Smooth Travel Anywhere

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Whenever we plan to go for a trip then we need to arrange many things like tickets, travel documents, hotel bookings, searching the famous visiting spots of the propped destination, etc. This task becomes much hectic if one plan to go on foreign trips then we also manage the passport, visa, and some other essential documents for the safe travel plans. Travel Agency is the best solution for all those kinds of hectic deals. A travel agency is a private retailer or public service figure that works for providing travel and tourism-related services to the local public and they have different kinds of plans as per the customer types.

Travel Agency Ideas

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If we pick some major covering areas of the travel agencies then it includes the providence of outdoor recreation activities, airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, railways, hotels, insurance for the travel plans, lucrative package tours, guide help, VIP airport lounge access, etc. The travel agencies are also able to serve as general sales agents for the specific category airlines that don’t have any offices for rare locations. This way the travel agencies become a perfect medium for their business growth. The core working zone of a travel agency involves the selling of travel products and suppliers on behalf of the original supplier by becoming an agent.    

Travel Agency Ideas – Business Model

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The business model of travel agencies runs purely on the commissionable earnings and some -times they also receive an incentive and charge the nominal fees to the customers. The core parties which provide the high commission rate to the travel agencies is the hotel owner associated with them as compared to others. The airline operator usually gives a lower commission to the travel agencies. This whole model of the operand is generally hidden from the customers as the process must look neat and clean for happening of nice business. As per the available trusted studies, In the United States in the year 2016, approximately 78% of revenues on an average basis came from the commission. This is a huge figure from a market point of view. 

Service Providers

There are various kinds of service providers in this segment but as per the available trusted source, the best 8 travel agencies are hitting the market nicely. If we pick the overall region then Booking .com is unbeatable in this segment. In case of providing the best budget, Sky Scanner is doing a nice job. Expedia deals the best package whereas Trip Advisor is best as per the available reviews. If we increase the region then Agoda is best in Asia and is best in Europe. Hotwire is best in providing the best secret deals and is the most innovative travel agency. 


The above short read provides nice detailed information about the travel agencies market. We hope this article gives you an idea of how to choose a travel agency and all the benefits you can make out of choosing the best travel agency. It is always good to have some help when you are planning for a long trip and add some spontaneity into that.

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